do you ever feel like having too many feelings that you just might explode

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Go for someone who is proud to have you. Frank Ocean  (via kozakuramari) 416,872 notes


all i want in life is to go to concerts and have good eyebrows

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call me super glue cause holy shit do i get attached

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Do you ever just meet one person

and at first it is awkward

then you start talking

and its like

“holy crap where have you been all my life”

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5 Second of Summer arrived Berlin Airport Tegel

4-5 around mikey, ash and cal

05645616498 around luke, we know who’s the fave lawl

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I care Reblog this if you would care if the person you reblogged this from killed themselves tonight. (via discomforted) 1,275 notes


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Boston tonight! #reuniontour


Boston tonight! #reuniontour


5SOS - Day 2 in Berlin (Behind)
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